Monday, January 14, 2008

Return Of The Warrior by Rebecca York

I give it four stars.

Return of the Warrior from the 43 Light Street series by Rebecca York is a fast paced and highly enjoyable read of the age old story of good versus evil. I found the characters to be interesting, and likable as well as believable. It's also interesting how Sidney finds herself attracted to Luke and at the same time to Zabastian, the warrior who possesses Luke's body.

The moment Luke McMillan opened the antique box, the mild-mannered computer expert gave way to a brazen warrior.

A warrior whose spirit had been locked away for centuries, now unleashed, he spoke of curses and world destruction- unless Luke and Sidney Weston could bring the artifact back to it's rightful place.

However, their journey was plagued by a band of thieves seeking the relic for their own dark purposes. Sidney had suspected it's power, but the way it changed Luke both frightened and aroused her. Empowered with strength greater than any mortal's, Luke found it difficult to balance his needs with the fiery warrior's. Until both spirits found solace in Sidney. But when it came time to take a stand, whose spirit would emerge from the battle? Luke's or the warrior's?

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