Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lady Of Light And Shadows by C.L. Wilson

Lady Of Light And Shadows is book two in an extraordinary new series by C.L. Wilson. If you haven't read the first book Lord Of The Fading Lands you really should read it first to get the most out of the series . I found it to be a wonderful fantasy that grabs your attention right from the start. If you enjoy deep dark fantasy, fairy tales, magic, wizards and the eternal battle of good versus evil and a little hot sex thrown in, then this is the book for you.

He Stepped from the sky to claim her like an enchanted prince from the pages of a fairy tale, but behind the mesmerizing beauty of his violet eyes she saw the driving hunger of the beast and an endless sorrow only she could heal.
Only for him would she embrace her frightening magic. Only for him would she find the courage to confront the shadows that haunted her soul. For ahead an epic battle was fast approaching, and only united could they hope to turn back the armies of darkness.

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