Thursday, December 27, 2007

Devil Inside by Jenna Black

Devil Inside is the latest book by the very prolific writer Jenna Black. I found the book to be very well written and interesting. If you enjoy books about strong tough women and sexy demons. Then you will most likely enjoy Devil Inside.
Now for the parts that I didn't enjoy. When the book first starts Morgan is a strong kick-ass Exorcist but about halfway through the book she ends up being more wimpy than anything else. Which just didn't seem to jibe with her character
At times the sex is just a little too much and ends up detracting instead of adding to the story. Please note this book does contain violence, bondage, and some scenes of male lovers. So it may not be some peoples cup of tea. In future sequels I would enjoy more character development and maybe a little less sex.

Morgan Kingsley is in Topeka Kansas for an exorcism job when she finds that she herself is possessed. And not by just any demon. Lugh the demon King is six feet five inches of dark delicious temptation. Which is more temptation than most women could take.

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