Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Demons Kiss by Eve Silver

Now that the Holiday's are almost over and we're facing the long cold month of January. What better time to curl up with a hot cup of chocolate and a good book. And hopefully before you know it spring will be here. Our first book this month is Demon's Kiss by the very talanted Eve Silver. If you love hot romances combined with magic, strong alpha males, and a few evil demons thrown in for good measure then Demon's Kiss is the book for you.
Grade: ****
I found Demon's Kiss to be a very well written and enjoyable book. And will be looking forward to reading the sequel Demon's Hunger.

As a young child Clea Masters witnessed the death of her parents from a brutal demon attack that also left her gravely injured. For most of her life she's managed to supress the memories but when a demon attacks her she's launched into a dangerous and strange world that she never knew existed. And the only thing standing between her and death is the lethal and seductive sorcerer Ciarran D'Arbois.

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