Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Darkenbane The Fountain by Kimberly Adkins

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5 Stars...

A recommended read...

The story begins in our present day New Orleans,after Hurricane Katrina. Wow! When you pick up this book and open to the first page, you are taken away! Its a "can't put down" read. Kimberly immediately takes you through magic portals to other worlds or dimensions, you decide...

She introduces her characters in such away, you feel as if you know them well. When Hayden meets Jasmine, you can feel the heat that emanates between them come off the pages. Hayden is every woman's secret desire for a "Prince Charming".

Truly, this is a fast and fun read as Kimberly leads you through the mazes of time with Jasmine's and Hayden's adventures intertwining until they meet again...and again....and the story goes....

I would definitely rate this a great big 5, one of those reads that you just can't bring yourself to put down.

Kathy Jennings reviewing for Kasey's View

“You must follow your heart—
for the answers you seek may save us all yet.”

A brass key. A note. A handsome stranger near a fountain in an abandoned courtyard. On a sultry New Orleans evening, Jasmine takes these only clues to her identity and follows them to a place she’d thought only existed in dreams and ancient faery tales.

Through a doorway in time, Hayden has come from the dangers of his dying kingdom to the most beautiful woman he’s ever known. Bound by his royal blood to retrieve the lost prophecies and end a war, he soon finds his quest, his destiny, and his love are all entwined with Jasmine more than anyone ever knew.

Darkenbane The Fountain is scheduled for release August 2008.
Author: Kimberly Adkins
ISBN: 978-1-934912-05-8
Price: $14.95 paperback
Price: $6.00 Ebook (PDF format)
Pages: 192 paperback

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