Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Witch And The Wolf by Marly Mathews

4 Stars...

What's not to like about a Marly Mathews novel? She's an expert at weaving fantastic tales ranging from medieval times to the far distant future. But something that all her stories have in common is that they are filled with some of the most likable and interesting characters. And her latest story is no exception...

The Witch And The Wolf is a thrilling new historical romance by Marly Mathews, in which she creates a fascinating tale of love, suspense, and revenge along with a touch of the paranormal. Arabella the beautiful heroine also happens to be a powerful witch who will stop at nothing to avenge the brutal death of her family during the french revolution when she was a young girl...

He's a spy for the British Crown…she's a woman desperate for revenge—together their love will save the British Empire and make them both believe in second chances. .

The Witch is Lady Arabella De Maurier. She's a woman with French, Scots, and English blood running through her veins. Her entire world was shattered in an instant when she was a child. French Revolutionaries took her mother and father away. Now, she's determined to claim her revenge against the ones that murdered her parents.

The Wolf is Lord Christopher Andrews. He's a spy for the English Crown. But when he's sent to retrieve the most valuable woman in all of France, he soon finds out he's met his match.

The Witch and The Wolf soon find they share an unbridled passion, but will they be able to conquer the dangerous foe that threatens England and live to see another day?

The Witch And The Wolf is now available from New Concepts Publishing.

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