Sunday, May 25, 2008

Escape From The Box by Edward L. Hubbard

5 Stars...

A recommended read!

What a wonderfully inspiring and uplifting story...

Can you imagine existing on a cup of rice and two bowls of boiled weeds each day? After being held as a POW in North Vietnam for six and a half years Colonel Ed. Hubbard brings a unique perspective to life that most of us can benefit from. This isn't a story about the horrible atrocities that he and his fellow prisoners endured, Instead it's a story about the amazing potential that exists inside each and everyone of us, if only we realized it...

Product Description
A fast moving, hard-hitting, inspirational self-leadership book in which Col. Hubbard shares the valuable lessons he learned during 2,420 days as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Based on his experience as a POW, Col. Hubbard takes the most negative situation you can imagine and turns it into one of the most positive personal growth transformations you will ever read. His message is for everyone in any walk of life.

About the Author
Beyond helping him survive as a prisoner, Col. Ed Hubbard’s discovery of "The Wonder of Human Potential" helped him achieve success following his release from prison. In the first seven years following his return to the United States, he completed all requirements for five college degrees in his spare time. Col. Ed Hubbard wrote Escape from the Box to help others overcome any obstacle, survive any ordeal, and reach any goal by developing the right state of mind.

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