Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Night Hunter by Cathy McDavid

Four stars.

Twenty five years ago Gillian's mother was brutally murdered by an unspeakable beast, and now after all these years the monster is back...
Night Hunter by Cathy McDavid is an interesting and very unique dark paranormal romance, that just gets better the deeper into the story you are. The evil beast Cadamus along with the gothic and horror elements add to the overall darkness of the story which ends with an unexpected twist that will hopefully lead to a sequel....

Every Twenty-five years the cycle begins anew-a legendary creature reawakens and preys upon the innocent. The police refuse to believe such a monster exists. But Gillian knows it's real. When she was seven, she watched in horror as it killed her mother. Now the beast is back... for her.

As the chosen Hunter, Nick is the only one who can destroy the creature. Yet a gorgeous psychology proffeesor keeps pushing her way into his investigation and into his most intimate fantasies. For her own protection, Nick's determined to stay by Gillian's side , every day and each delicious night. And meanwhile, the monster bides it's time...

Author Cathy McDavid
ISBN 978-0505527226
Publisher Love Spell
Page Count 336 Pages

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